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The Arabic word "madrasa" translates to mean school. In the Islamic religion, madrasas are important centers for learning not only about Islam, but about secular subjects as well. The history of madrasahs is extensive, and madrasas are utilized as centers of learning throughout the world.

madrasah, ( Arabic: “school”: ) Turkish Medrese, in Muslim countries, an institution of higher education. The madrasah functioned until the 20th century as a theological seminary and law school, with a curriculum centred on the Qurʾān. In addition to Islāmic theology and law, Arabic grammar and literature, mathematics, logic, and, in some cases, natural science were studied in madrasahs. Instruction usually took place in a courtyard and consisted primarily of memorizing textbooks and the instructor’s lectures. The lecturer issued certificates to his students that constituted permission to repeat his words

As a center for learning and higher education, the madrasah originally focused on learning about Islam, memorizing Islamic texts and preparation for a life devoted to religious scholarship. Today, madrasahs balance religious education with the study of secular subjects. However, the curriculum in madrasahs depends on the location of the school. For example, madrasahs in Western countries are more likely to promote math and other subjects than their non-Western counterparts. LOCATION Madrasahs are located throughout the world in cities large and small. In Western countries, madrasahs serve as a place for Muslims to come together and bond. In non-Western countries, madrasahs are the cornerstone for education, and aid impoverished families seeking an education, food and housing for their children.