4 lakh apply for madrassa exams in UP

As many as 376,060 students have filled the forms online for the yearly exams for munshi, maulvi, aalim, faazil and qamil. Officials told IANS this was an significant rise, and added it not only showed their bent towards education but also their willingness in using internet.
Over 3.7 lakh students in Uttar Pradesh have applied for exams for clerics conducted by the Madrasa Education Board, which is a steep rise from the miniscule number of applications it received last year, officials said.
Officials said the exams were postponed thrice in the recent past because the number of applications received was negligent.
He also said an examination committee, a syllabi committee and a monitoring committee have been constituted for the exams.The chairman of the board said exams would be conducted across the state between April 11 and 23.

Date : 30/06/15