B.Ed Degree Holders Ineligible for Bihar Primary School Teaching Jobs

The Patna High Court has delivered a landmark judgment stating that B.Ed degree holders cannot be considered eligible for appointment as primary school teachers in Bihar. This means that only individuals with a Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) can be appointed as Bihar Primary School in the state.

The court quashed the National Council of Teacher Education’s notification that allowed B.Ed degree holders to be eligible.

The petitioners contested a 2018 notification by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE), arguing that primary school teachers with a B.Ed degree were ineligible for such roles.

During a hearing on petitions concerning primary teacher appointments in 2021 and 2022, the bench indicated that these appointments might need reconsideration.

Highlighting the distinct skill sets needed for primary and higher-level teaching, the court stressed the unique pedagogical approach required for early education. Recognizing the importance of these formative years, the court emphasized the necessity for sensitive handling of young learners stepping into the classroom.

“We are bound by the decision of the Supreme Court and so is the State, under Article 141 of the Constitution…” the high court bench said.

The high court bench underlined its obligation to adhere to Supreme Court decisions, affecting over 22,000 B.Ed qualified teachers appointed during the 6th phase of recruitment. Following the Patna High Court ruling, B.Ed qualifications will no longer suffice for Bihar Primary School appointments in the state.

The High Court’s decision was based on the following points:

  • The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) regulations clearly state that only D.El.Ed degree holders are eligible for appointment as primary school teachers.
  • The B.Ed degree is designed for training teachers for upper primary and secondary schools.
  • Appointing B.Ed degree holders as primary school teachers would dilute the quality of education at the primary level.
  • The decision will help ensure that only qualified and trained teachers are appointed to primary schools.

The High Court’s decision has been welcomed by various stakeholders in the education sector, including:

  • Teacher unions, who have been demanding that the D.El.Ed qualification be made mandatory for primary school teachers.
  • Education experts, who believe that the B.Ed degree is not sufficient for teaching at the primary level.
  • Parents, who want their children to be taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

However, the decision has also been criticized by some, including:

  • B.Ed degree holders, who argue that they are qualified to teach at the primary level.
  • Private B.Ed colleges, which stand to lose business if the D.El.Ed qualification becomes mandatory.

The High Court’s decision is likely to have a significant impact on the education sector in Bihar. It is estimated that around 22,000 B.Ed degree holders are currently working as primary school teachers in the state. These teachers will now have to undergo D.El.Ed training if they want to continue working as teachers.

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