CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2024 Live Update

Live updates for the CBSE Board Exam 2024: The CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is scheduled for today, March 17. The three-hour examination will commence at 10:30 am and conclude at 1:30 pm. Following the completion of the exam, an in-depth analysis of the paper by educators and subject specialists, alongside student feedback, will be shared here.

According to the sample paper provided by the board, the CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam comprises two sections – Macro Economics and Indian Economic Development – and carries a total of 80 marks. The paper consists of 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), four short answer questions worth 3 marks each, six short answer questions worth 4 marks each, and four long answer questions worth 6 marks each.

Throughout the CBSE board exam days, students are required to wear their school uniforms and carry both their identity cards and admit cards.

Before tackling the paper, it is advisable for students to carefully peruse the paper and the initial page of the answer booklet to ensure adherence to specific instructions and to identify any misprints or errors.

Upon completing the exam, students should review their answers. All continuation sheets must be organized in the correct sequence and attached to the main booklet before submission to the invigilator.

This year, over 39 lakh students are participating in the CBSE board exams. While Class 10 exams concluded on March 13, Class 12 exams will continue until April 2.

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