15 Departments at Lucknow University Left without Medal Recipients.

During the upcoming convocation at Lucknow University, seven departments won’t award sponsored gold medals. This happens because some courses got discontinued or had no enrolled students. This will lead to only 192 gold medals being awarded instead of the usual 199.

Lucknow University India: Despite having sponsored gold medals  for meritorious  as many as seven departments  of up lucknow university will not be awarding medals during the convocation  ceremony to be held on December 6

Some courses or papers that used to have medals have been removed due to them being discontinued or having no enrolled students. Eight departments, including western history, engineering, pharmacy, yoga, oriental studies in Arabic and Persian, jyotirvigyan, home science, and computer science, won’t have sponsored medals. This means deserving students in these departments won’t receive medals.

For instance, courses like MSc in environment science, MSc in electronics, and MA in welfare, development, and empowerment of women have been closed down. Medals like Pushpwati Tandon Memorial, Dr. BP Pradhan Gold Medal, and Smt Pramila Srivastava Gold Medal, which used to be awarded for these courses, won’t be conferred. Similarly, papers that are no longer part of courses, like EFPTC in MA (economics) and certain elective papers in chemistry, won’t have medals awarded.

Additionally, medals for PhD/DLitt in psychology and Hindi won’t be given since there were no enrolled students for these courses during the 2022-23 academic session.

The university is planning to discuss the medals associated with discontinued courses in an upcoming meeting to decide their fate.

LU spokesperson Durgesh Srivastava mentioned that decisions regarding medals linked to courses no longer offered by the university will be taken soon.

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