Top 10NDA Coachings i Dehradun

Top 10 NDA Coachings in Dehradun

Discover the top-notch NDA coachings in Dehradun that pave the way for success in the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam. Our carefully curated list showcases the leading institutes in Dehradun, renowned for their unparalleled coaching and proven track record. These NDA coachings in Dehradun offer comprehensive guidance, expert faculty, and a structured curriculum to empower aspirants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the NDA examination.

Navigate through our rankings to find the perfect coaching institute that aligns with your aspirations and learning style. From rigorous mock tests to personalized mentoring, these institutes prioritize your success in the NDA exam. Elevate your chances of securing a coveted spot in the NDA by choosing from the top 10 NDA coachings in Dehradun, where excellence meets preparation. Your journey towards a career in the armed forces starts here.

1.Ground Zero Defence Institute Dehradun

Ground Zero Defence Institute stands out as the premier choice for NDA coachings in Dehradun, living up to its name by nurturing aspirants from the ground up. Recognized as the best defence coaching institute in the city, it offers a conducive environment for candidates to unleash their full potential. With a focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of defence service exams, the institute emphasizes key factors such as a strong foundation, overall skill enhancement, hard work, and the right approach. Boasting a team of highly experienced faculty, the institute provides unparalleled guidance through interactive teaching methods and effective performance management.

Established in 2000, Ground Zero has revolutionized defence training, creating a vast talent pool of trainers and adopting a practical-based coaching approach. With a proven track record spanning years, the institute is renowned for producing successful candidates in exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS, OTA, SSR, AA, X & Y GROUP. Join the institute to experience excellence, disciplined learning, and a pathway to realizing your dreams of serving the nation in the Indian Armed Forces.

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2.Noval Doon Defence Academy

Noval Doon Defence Academy, a trailblazing NDA coachings in Dehradun, excels in preparing students for success in defense exams and interviews across various branches, including the Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Paramilitary, National Defence Academy (NDA), CDS, CAPF, and other competitive examinations. Recognized for its potential to turn aspirations into reality, Noval Doon Defence Academy guides individuals towards honorable careers, enabling them to serve the nation with pride.

Situated in Dehradun, Noval Doon Defence Academy holds a prominent position as an institute specializing in training defense aspirants for officer-level entries. The academy’s training approach is rigorous, robust, and emphasizes the holistic development of NDA candidates. With a commitment to ensuring the placement of its candidates in esteemed institutions such as the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Air Force Academy Hyderabad, and Naval Academy, Noval Doon Defence Academy distinguishes its candidates from the rest, making them stand out in the competitive landscape. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey towards a distinguished career in defense.

NDA Coachings in Dehradun

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3.Siddhu Defence Academy

Siddhu Defence Academy stands as a cornerstone, offering dedicated and quality services at affordable rates in the current landscape of commercialized education. Despite its modest beginnings, the academy envisions evolving into an exceptional institution, striving for excellence in the country’s most challenging examinations. This unique fraternity of educators and students at Siddhu Defence Academy collaborates towards a singular goal, embodying a commitment to genuine learning for CDS and NDA coachings in Dehradun.

Since its inception, Siddhu Defence Academy has been a trailblazer in real learning, consistently achieving success for its students in various fields. Specializing in NDA/CDS/AFCAT and other competitive and entrance exams, Siddhu Defence Academy is recognized as the best NDA coachings center in Dehradun, India. Additionally, the academy provides top-notch coaching for Merchant Navy, Airforce, Navy, Defence, and Army, along with SSB Interview Coaching Courses for CDSE, NAVY, and all other Indian Armed Forces.

Discover the best in NDA coaching at Siddhu Defence Academy, the top NDA coaching center in Dehradun, offering comprehensive courses for success in various defense examinations.

Visit the official website of Siddhu Defence Academy

4.Dehradun Defence Academy

Dehradun Defence Academy is more than just a name; it embodies a team of dedicated mentors and experts committed to delivering coaching excellence. Our success is evident in the numerous testimonials from both students and parents, showcasing the hard work and results we’ve achieved. Bridging the gap between doubts and resolutions, our academy has garnered love and admiration from aspirants nationwide.

In the last two years, DDA has made remarkable strides, producing an impressive 428 officers for the Indian Armed Forces— a feat unmatched in India. We take pride in being the first coaching institute to introduce our own mock test series, providing a unique and effective learning experience. Additionally, DDA has taken a pioneering step by initiating free education for orphan kids, subject to terms and conditions. As the fastest-growing defence institute, our success is a testament to the unwavering support and appreciation of our students.

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5. DD Defence Academy

DD Defence Academy, renowned as the Best NDA Coachings in Dehradun, originated as a crucial part of Mr. Jitender Yadav’s educational mission, Chairman of DD College, Dehradun. Guided by the experienced leadership of Col Amardeep Singh, SM (Retd.), and his proficient team, DD Defence Academy has emerged as a leading preparatory institution for Defence Entrance Exams and Service Selection Board (SSB) Interviews. Offering a diverse range of courses tailored for various defe

nce exams, our programs aim to nurture students’ knowledge, skills, and confidence.

The academy’s commitment extends beyond teaching, with regular mock tests and assessments aiding students in tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement. Apart from expert faculty guidance, DD Defence Academy provides essential resources and facilities, including a well-equipped library housing relevant study materials, state-of-the-art classrooms, a computer lab, and a sports complex for physical activities, contributing to overall health and fitness. Elevate your NDA coachings in Dehradun with DD Defence Academy’s comprehensive training and top-notch facilities.

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6.Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy

Established in 2005 by Ex-Submariner Sandeep Gupta, Indian Navy (retd), “Doon Defence Academy” (DDA) has evolved under his exemplary leadership into Sandeep Sir’s Doon Defence Academy. Committed to motivating, inspiring, and guiding the youth to join the Indian Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy, DDA is a prominent name in NDA coachings in Dehradun. Our mission is to provide quality education, guiding students to qualify for defense sector jobs post their high school certification.

DDA stands out as one of the leading coaching institutions in India, strategically located in Dehradun. With a structured approach to courses designed to cater to diverse student needs, our trained and experienced faculty prepares candidates for NDA, CDSE, INET, MNS, OTA, AFCAT, SSB-Interview, and recruitment exams of the Army, Navy (AA/SSR), Air Force (Group ‘X’ & ‘Y’), Indian Coast Guard, Merchant Navy Written Test, Deck Cadet Interview, Company Sponsorship Exam, B.Sc Nautical Science & Marine Engineering Test, and our Foundation Course “Pratham Pag” for CBSE High School-certified students opting for PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in XI and XIIth. Join DDA for unparalleled NDA coachings in Dehradun and comprehensive preparation for various defense exams.

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Dehradun National Academy of Defence” (DNA Defence) stands as a trailblazing institute providing comprehensive NDA coachings in Dehradun. Beyond NDA exam preparation, our primary objective is to lay a robust foundation for candidates pursuing various degree curriculums. Our unwavering focus is on guiding dedicated students to achieve their goals.

In a highly competitive scenario where over 4 lakhs students vie for just 480 NDA seats annually, cracking the exam is a daunting challenge. At Dehradun National Academy of Defence, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality training that empowers students to qualify for NDA and lead a glorious future.

Recognizing the absence of a dedicated training institute in Dehradun for Defence Forces examinations, Mr. Darshan Rawat, the Managing Director of DNA Defence, conceptualized and established the academy. In addition to our NDA coaching expertise, we are also proud to operate one of the leading schools in Dehradun, emphasizing our commitment to holistic education. Join DNA Defence for top-notch NDA coachings in Dehradun and pave your way to a successful future in the Defence Forces.

Visit the official website of Dehradun National Academy of Defence


Founded by Mr. Hariom Choudhary, DOON DEFENCE DREAMERS Pvt. Ltd. is driven by a vision to contribute highly dedicated cadets to the Defence Forces. With a foundation rooted in the desire to serve society by producing audacious soldiers, DOON DEFENCE DREAMERS is located in the scenic valley of Dehradun. It is not just a coaching center but also a premier training institution for NDA, CDSE/OTA, AIRFORCE, AFCAT, ACC, FOUNDATION COURSE 11TH & 12TH, RIMC/SAINIK SCHOOL, NURTURE, and Territorial Army aspirants.

Offering a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods, DOON DEFENCE DREAMERS ensures comprehensive preparation for both written and physical assessments. The institute recruits highly qualified and committed faculties, providing exam-oriented content and unwavering support to students. With bilingual instruction (English and Hindi), weekly tests, and physical training led by ex-army personnel, DDD prioritizes the holistic development of its students.

The institute’s hostel facility follows a disciplined curriculum, preparing students for the challenges they may encounter in their desired careers. Notably, DDD goes beyond written and physical preparation, offering focused coaching for the interview session (SSB). Regular personality development sessions contribute to the overall growth of aspirants. Choose DOON DEFENCE DREAMERS for a unique and dedicated approach to creating invincible Defence Officers. Achieve success and live your dreams with DDD.

Visit the official website of DOON DEFENCE DREAMERS

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9.Doon Defence Career Point

In recent years, Doon Defence Career Point (DDCP) has emerged as one of the premier Defence Coaching Centers in Dehradun. With a stellar track record, over 500 students from DDCP Classes are currently serving as officers in the INDIAN DEFENCE FORCES, a testament to the effectiveness of the institute’s training. DDCP’s focused coaching is designed to equip individuals to successfully crack coveted defence exams and interviews, transforming education into esteemed careers. The institute has achieved remarkable success, with over 200 selections into prestigious positions like pilot officer, acting sub-lieutenant, second lieutenant, Air Craftsmen, setting milestones in the coaching landscape.

Proudly holding the title of India’s largest training center for NDA Entrance Coaching, DDCP has been a key contributor, accounting for nearly half of the total selections in defence from Uttarakhand since 2012. Among all Defence Coaching Centers in Dehradun, Doon Defence Career Point stands out as a top-ranking institute, dedicated to helping serious students achieve success through the highest quality coaching. The institute’s methods, content, and teaching standards have become synonymous with success, making DDCP a trusted choice for aspiring candidates.

Setting itself apart, DDCP is the first of its kind, offering professional coaching for NDA, CDS, SSB, SSC, Delhi Police, Bank Clerical exams, and all types of commissions in Armed and Para Military Forces. SSB Training is conducted by a team of professional teachers well-versed in subjects and interview tactics. Choose DDCP for unparalleled coaching excellence and realize your ambitions in the Defence sector.

Visit the official website of Doon Defence Career Point

10.GS Defence Academy

GS Defence Academy Campus in Dehradun stands out as one of the premier coaching centers for NDA, CDS, SSB, and AFCAT Courses in India. Our comprehensive preparation covers both written and physical examinations for these esteemed boards, with a specialized focus on SSB interview preparation aligned with the latest trends and essential skills.

Guiding our students is our experienced Director, a well-read educator with over 10 years of expertise in the education industry. His leadership has empowered thousands of students to realize their dreams. Complementing him is a robust team of qualified educators, each with a background of teaching the best cadets in the armed forces. In a landscape where many educational hubs rely on conventional methods, GS Defence Academy Campus stands out by offering a distinctive approach, ensuring that students are super-ready for the rigorous selection process in the nation’s most prestigious forces. Choose us for a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary and prepares you thoroughly for the challenges of securing a coveted spot in the armed forces.

Visit the official website of GS Defence Academy 


In conclusion, Dehradun stands as a beacon for NDA coaching, hosting a myriad of institutes that excel in preparing aspirants for the esteemed National Defence Academy. With a focus on holistic development, these coaching centers in Dehradun go beyond traditional methods, providing comprehensive training for both written exams and SSB interviews. The city’s coaching institutes boast seasoned educators, proven track records, and unique teaching methodologies that set them apart. Aspiring candidates benefit from an environment conducive to success, instilling the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence required to excel in NDA examinations and embark on a fulfilling career in the defense forces.


Q1- Which is the best NDA Coachings in Dehradun ?

Ans- Dehradun has one the best NDA Coaching for NDA programs the above coachings are one of the best coaching that you can opt.

Q2- What is NDAcourse duration ?

Ans-The National Defence Academy (NDA) course duration is 3 years, divided into 6 terms. This rigorous training program molds young men and women into well-rounded officers for the Indian Armed Forces. It involves a blend of academic studies, physical training, and military training.

Q3- What are NDA Course Fees ?

Ans- Unlike most academic programs, the National Defence Academy (NDA) doesn’t charge any tuition fees for its cadets. That’s right, you read it correctly! Once you get selected for the NDA program, you receive a monthly stipend instead of paying any fees.

Q4- Where do NDA Cadets go for training ?

Ans- NDA cadets undergo their initial 3-year training at the National Defence Academy (NDA) itself, located in the picturesque town of Khadakwasla, near Pune, Maharashtra.

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