BCG Survey Reveals 26% of Indian Employees Considering Job Change in the Year 2024

Balancing Employee Needs: Prioritising Emotional Factors in the Workplace

BCG Survey: Employers worldwide face an urgent task: striking the right equilibrium between tangible aspects like pay and hours versus emotional facets such as respect, fairness, and acknowledgment in their workforce.

Global Labor Market Insights

A BCG Survey by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) spanning 11,000 employees across eight countries reveals a significant trend. Approximately 28% of workers, actively or passively seeking new opportunities, anticipate leaving their current jobs within a year. This highlights the criticality for employers to delve deeper into understanding their employees’ true priorities.

Functional vs. Emotional Needs

The BCG report evaluated over 20 diverse needs, highlighting an even split between functional requisites (like pay and benefits) and emotional needs (such as feeling valued and enjoying one’s work). While functional factors like pay rank highest in influencing job changes, emotional needs like feeling respected and secure also hold significant weight.

Insights from the Indian Context

In India, 26% of surveyed employees stand at risk of leaving their jobs in the upcoming year. Neetu Chitkara from BCG India emphasizes the pressing need for employers to address this balance between functional and emotional drivers.

The Managerial Influence

Managers emerge as pivotal figures in meeting employees’ emotional needs. The data suggests that satisfied employees with great managers display a substantial reduction in attrition rates and a notable increase in motivation and job satisfaction.

Drivers of Employee Satisfaction

Apart from managers, supportive leadership, access to resources, and equal opportunities irrespective of background significantly impact employees’ emotional satisfaction. Combining these elements can notably reduce attrition risks.

Shifting Employer-Employee Dynamics

BCG’s findings underline a transformative shift in employer-employee dynamics. Companies are urged to utilize customer-focused strategies to comprehend employee needs comprehensively, as emotional factors weigh heavily in employees’ decisions to stay or leave.

Understanding and addressing these emotional needs are imperative for leaders. Neglecting these aspects could pose risks to employee retention and overall organizational success.

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