Bihar Board Inter Result Released

Bihar Board Inter Results: Prior to the Bihar Board announcing the dates for releasing scorecards, let’s examine the historical trend of Inter results over the past six years.

Bihar Board Inter Results: The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) conducted the Class 12 (Inter) exams from February 1 to February 12 this year. While the Bihar Board is expected to announce the intermediate (Class 12) board exam results soon, an official date has not been confirmed yet.

Once released, students can view their scores on the official BSEB website —

Bihar Board Inter Results: Reviewing Previous Trends

Before the Bihar Board announces the dates for releasing scorecards, let’s review the trend of past Inter result releases over the last six years:

Last year, the BSEB Class 12 exams were held from February 1 to 11, 2023, with results announced on March 21. Over recent years, the board has developed a reputation for releasing Inter results in under 50 days, consistently reducing the turnaround time. With this in mind, it’s anticipated that the Bihar Board Inter results will likely be released in the second or third week of March.

Bihar Board Inter Result Dates

YearExam datesResult date
2018February 6 to 16June 6
2019February 6 to 16March 30
2020February 3 to 13March 24
2021February 2 to 13March 26
2022February 1 to 14March 16
2023February 1 to 12March 21

The turnaround time for result generation at BSEB has undergone significant changes since 2018. In that year, although the Class 12 exams were conducted from February 6 to 16, the results were declared much later on June 6. Subsequently, the Board officials initiated measures to streamline the timeline for board exams.

To expedite the process, the Board introduced a format comprising 50% objective-type questions in the Inter exams. In papers featuring practical components, out of the total 100 marks, 30 marks were allotted to practical exams, while 70 marks were dedicated to theory exams. Within the theory paper, 50% of the total, or 35 marks, were designated for multiple-choice questions (MCQs), with the remaining 35 marks allocated to subjective theory questions.

These modifications resulted in a shortened timeline, with results declared in less than 50 days the following year. For instance, in 2019, when exams were conducted from February 6 to 16, the results were announced on March 30.

Continuing its efforts towards enhancement, the Board introduced an additional optional paper in the intermediate exams. In this paper, students were required to choose between Hindi or English in paper 1 (worth 100 marks), while paper 2 offered a selection among 12 languages as options (each worth 100 marks). Additionally, students had the flexibility to opt for a sixth paper related to their specific stream or any of the 12 languages as an extra subject.

Even amid the Covid pandemic in 2020, the Bihar Board successfully adhered to its timeline. That year, the Inter exams were conducted from February 3 to 13, and the results were declared on March 24. Similarly, in 2021, results were announced on March 26 for exams concluding on February 13.

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