Maharashtra Board SSC Exam 2024 Starts Now!!!

Maharashtra Board SSC Exam 2024 starts today, 1 March, 2024. Exam day guidelines to exam days. Know it all.

Maharashtra Board SSC Exam 2024 begins today, check timings, guidelines here (File photo)

The Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education(MBSHSE) has begun the Maharashtra Board Seconday School Certificate(SSC) 2024 exams as of today; 1 march 2024. These SSC exams are set to be conducted as per shifts where the first shift will be between 11 and 2 for some papers and 11 and 1 for the others and the post lunch the second shift is set between 3 to 6 pm as per the schedule and exam day.

Maharashtra Board SSC Exam 2024 – Important Reminders!

Your exams end on March 26th! Double-check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Here’s what to remember for your exam days:

  • Arrive early! Aim to reach the exam center one hour before your exam starts, or at the time mentioned on your admit card.
  • Don’t forget your admit card! This is your official pass to the exam hall. It has your name, photo, and other important details.
  • Pack the essentials: You can bring a pen and pencil, but leave electronics at home. This includes mobile phones, smartwatches, earphones, and calculators.

Be relaxed, stay focused, and do your best! Good luck with your exams!

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