Odisha Board Class 10 Exams Monitored by AI-Powered Cameras

Odisha to Use AI-Powered Cameras to Monitor Class 10 Exams

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE) in Odisha is set to implement a new initiative to curb cheating and ensure fair conduct during the upcoming Class 10 board exams scheduled from February 20 to March 4, 2024. For the first time, the board will be using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cameras to monitor exam centers in real-time.

BSE President Ramashis Hazra unveiled plans for the upcoming class 10 exams, emphasizing their careful supervision using AI-powered cameras.

These cameras will monitor storage areas for question papers and sensitive exam centers during Odisha’s board exams, scheduled from February 20 to March 4.

Footage from these cameras will be live-streamed to BSE Odisha headquarters, allowing vigilant oversight for any discrepancies. Over 5,51,611 students are registered to appear at 2,991 centers, with 313 nodal centers designated for question paper storage.

Additionally, 7,831 students will take the State Open School Certificate (SOSC) exam at 55 centers, and 3,037 students will sit for the Madhyama examination at 107 centers.

Class 10 exams kick off on February 20 with the first language Odia paper, followed by the second language English on February 23.

Mathematics is scheduled for February 26, while the third language, general science, and social science exams are set for February 28, March 2, and March 4, respectively. Evaluation is tentatively planned to commence on March 15.

Moreover, class 9 exams are slated for March 6 to 15, with further details to be announced later. Notably, this year, class 9 exam question papers will be available on a web portal for schools to download two hours before the test, ensuring smooth access and printing as needed, as per Nihar Ranjan Mohanty.

How will it work?

  • AI-powered cameras will be installed in strong rooms, where question papers are stored, and in sensitive examination centers. The cameras will be equipped with facial recognition technology and other AI algorithms to detect any suspicious activity.
  • The live feed from the cameras will be monitored by a central control room at the BSE headquarters. Trained personnel will be able to identify and flag any suspicious behavior, such as copying, communication between students, or use of mobile phones.
  • The footage from the cameras will be recorded and stored as evidence in case any malpractice is detected.

Benefits of AI-powered cameras:

  • Reduce cheating: AI-powered cameras can provide a more comprehensive and real-time view of exam halls, making it difficult for students to cheat undetected.
  • Improve exam security: The presence of cameras can deter students from even attempting to cheat, knowing that their actions are being monitored.
  • Increase transparency: The use of AI-powered cameras can help to ensure fairness and transparency in the examination process.

Concerns and challenges:

  • Privacy concerns: Some people have raised concerns about the potential for privacy violations with the use of AI-powered cameras. The BSE has assured that strict measures will be taken to ensure that student data is protected.
  • Technical challenges: The implementation of AI-powered cameras requires a significant investment in technology and infrastructure. The BSE will need to ensure that the system is reliable and secure.
  • False positives: AI algorithms can sometimes generate false positives, which could lead to innocent students being penalized. The BSE will need to put in place a system to review any flagged activity before taking any action.

Overall, the use of AI-powered cameras to monitor exams is a promising new approach that could help to improve the fairness and integrity of the examination process. However, it is important to address the concerns about privacy and ensure that the technology is used in a responsible and ethical manner.

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