Reliance Foundation Scholarship 2023 for Postgraduate Students

SRINAGAR: Reliance Foundation is inviting applications for the educational year 2023-2024 for first-year postgraduate students in nine distinctive fields of study pursuing full-time courses in India.

In the educational year 2023-2024, Reliance Foundation calls for applications from first-year postgraduate students in nine diverse fields for full-time courses in India.

Applications are accepted solely online, with the deadline set for December 17, 2023. The fields covered include Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics and Computing, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Computer Science, Renewable and New Energy, and Life Sciences.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of Rs 6 lakh for the entire duration of their studies. Additionally, the program offers a comprehensive development initiative involving engagement with experts, industry interactions, and volunteering opportunities.

The scholarship aims to identify students demonstrating leadership, integrity, excellence, community commitment, and a growth-oriented mindset.

For more details and registration, visit

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